Work Organization

The activities within the exaFOAM project are carefully organised into seven work packages that comprise management, technical, scientific, and dissemination tasks:

The work packages are logically implemented in a co-design wheel to ensure the correct direction of software development and to gather the knowledge generated.

The co-design wheel starts running when a code development in WP3 or WP4 is finished and deployed. This code deployed is feed to WP2 to be validated with one of the use cases provided. WP5 will be in charge of keeping the wheel moving and collecting the insight obtained in it. The performance analysis done by WP5 will gather different kinds of insight that will be provided to the corresponding actor. We envision three communities that are potential receivers of the co-design knowledge: OpenFOAM developers, system software developers and standardization entities (e.g., OpenMP ARB, MPI developers) and computer architects (e.g., EPI developers).